COVID - 19 Update

All of Alexander Thorn's shows are currently 100% virtual for the time being. All these experiences are just as interactive, just as entertaining, and just as bizarre as EVER before.


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Bizarre Storytelling

Welcome to The Odditorium, an ever changing museum of the strange! In this immersive hour long show, Alexander Thorn takes your guests  on a journey behind the curtain to interact with his collection of haunted antiques.

  • A collection of possessed circus tickets!

  • A lost lover's ring appears to resist gravity’s laws

  • The ESP Cards of Edgar Allan Poe!

  • And so much more!

Mind Reading

Guard your thoughts, for they are not safe within Alexander Thorn's award winning mentalism show A Frame of Mind! In this hour long experience, Alexander Thorn will demonstrate whether it is fate or free will that governs our actions.

  • Words plucked right out of your friend's head!

  • Mental images shared between audience members without a single word spoken between them!

  • A psychic version of Russian Roulette where one mistake could result in death!

  • And so much more . . .


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