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Halloween Horror Nights 31 Leak! All Details Revealed!

Hello everyone! A friend of mine at Universal Orlando's A&D department was recently fired. While clearing out his desk, he was able to snag the current art and descriptions for HHN 31 off of his work computer! Mind you, we still have a while until October, so these are of course subject to change. For that clout though, wanted to share the biggest leak so far before anyone else can (and before this post gets taken down). Enjoy!


A. Blinding Lights (Soundstage 23)

Enter into the twisted mind of The Weeknd! You Better Believe that you're Out Of Time, like a Moth To A Flame you will be the next Sacrifice to the Heartless. Save Your Tears and just Smile, but don't get Lost In The Fire of these Wicked Games. Live For the Blinding Lights In Your Eyes, but your Secrets will stay silent since it's too late; it's all Over Now.

B. 5CREAM (Soundstage 23)

Universal is proud to announce that we have acquired the rights to use Scream at this year’s HHN! Since the last time it fell through at HHN 25, an agreement has been reached. Experience the story of Scream 5 (called 5cream due to legal reasons)! Help Sidney while also trying to avoid the bloody knife of Ghostface! (Note: Due to the license agreement, the house will be the plot of Scream 5, but will use the mask from the tv show.)

C. Malignant (Soundstage 24)

Inhabit the role of Madison as she is paralyzed by shocking visions of grisly murders. Your torment worsens as you discover that these waking dreams are in fact terrifying realities. Beware that which lies beneath!

D. Horrors of TikTok (Soundstage 24)

Surveys taken after HHN 30 told us that the main group who attends the event are teenagers, so this one’s for you! Can you trust what you see? Faces or filters? Set to a 48 song soundtrack, with each song at 30 seconds. Join in the horror with rooms based on your favorite TikTok dances! Try to escape the Horrors of TikTok!

E. Death on the Nile (MIB Tent)

Nowhere is safe on this Egyptian cruise! Waiting behind every corner hides the bloody hunger of Armie Hammer. Set in bleak 1937 while a 2022 Armie Hammer stalks you from the shadows, with an appetite for your flesh!

F. Adulting (Sprung Tent 2)

To balance out the TikTok house, experience Adulting! Life brings it’s own horrors, and here they hungrily wait for you. A creature made of student loans chases you into the ghost chamber, full of the spirits of all the people you’ve ghosted! Face confrontation, hide from the IRS, cower from old friends who ask what you’re doing with your life in Adulting.

G. Flatline (Sprung Tent 1)

David Johnson is passing away, but not before life flees before his eyes! Walk through and experience a full life. Little David learning to ride his bike, David’s first heartbreak, David landing his dream job at 45, a random model boat building phase at 58. All leading up to a heartwarming lesson that heaven really can be our own little acre of life. (This is HHN’s first attempt at a wholesome house with no scares included. Please fill out the survey at the end to let us know what you thought!)

H. Spiral (Second Parade Warehouse)

The franchise that just won’t die! Find yourself confronted by the Jigsaw killer, who has returned to torment you with his twisted take on poetic justice. (Note: Due to recent events at the Academy Awards, all depictions of Chris Rock have been taken out. The house will not have any actors.)

I. Jack’s Back Again! (Parade Warehouse)

You can’t keep a good clown down! Jack the Clown has taken over Shadybrook Home for the Elderly, and he rules with a gloved fist. Watch your backs as geriatrics with greasepaint hobble toward you, getting closer with every blink of the eye. Wackos with walkers, knitters who are killers, and demented denture-wearers all wait for you as soon as the nurse turns out the lights. Murder is back on the menu, right next to the tapioca pudding.

J. Barebones (old Disaster! Queue/back of FF)

A prequel to our exclusive house Rat Race from years past, be careful where you tread in Barebones! To the untrained eye, it might look like a set of zig-zags made up of chain link fences. Is this a time waster made due to the uneven balance of audience demand for more houses and a decreasing budget? Enter Barebones and dare to find out!


K. Cancellation (Plaza of the Stars)

Watch what you say! Loomed at from both sides by celebrities who’s lips have been sewn shut. They’re on pins and needles, just waiting for a slip of your tongue…

L. What We Do In The Shadows (New York)

The Isle of Manhattan has found its way to New York, and so have its vampire inhabitants! Guard your neck from the fangs of Nador, Laszlo, and Nadja. Plug your ears when cornered by Colin Robinson’s dissertation on belly button lint. Try to avoid the stakes of Guillermo, they might be for you!

M. Old (San Francisco)

Based on the Shyamalan hit*, welcome to the beach of Playa El Valle! Once you’re here, you’ll never want to leave. Or be able to! Rapid aging has begun to occur on the beach guests, resulting in 12 sets of rotating casts. Each cast set plays a different age range of the characters, and casts must switch out every 10 minutes.

N. Witch Hunt (Central Park)

In a world where it’s no longer possible to stay away from politics, politics has come for you! Those with malicious intent scheme from both sides, waiting to snare you into their heinous plots. Which side will you choose? (The fear from this zone is mainly just the general uncomfortable feeling politics gives people anyway. Everyone is made mutually anxious here.)

O. Gentrification (Hollywood)

This town used to be all farm land, as far as the eye can see. Now the real Angelinos want their town back! It’s an all out war between the Haves and the Have Nots, and you’ve found yourself in the cross hairs. It’s not The Purge.

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